“Wanted to let you guys know that the install went great, all of the desks are in and the crew did a fantastic job.  Thanks for all of your help!”

Keith N. - Rally Software

“You would think that standing for extended periods of time would be exhausting, however, somehow i have more energy from the beginning of my day to the end; say goodbye to the 2pm post-lunch slump.  Thanks unDesk!”

Ilan J.

“I love to be able to adjust my working position throughout the day; this has made a big improvement in my “work quality of life.” I can’t imagine going back to a fixed desk!!”

Juliette B. - AETHOS Group

“THANK YOU for saving my lower back!  I played college football and can’t sit all day due to the damage I did to my back in my younger years.  Your product is BAD ASS!”


“It makes me want to work harder, especially toward the end of the day when my legs become a little sore. My back has also hurt a lot less.”

Mark B.

“The desk itself and service from the unDesk staff were truly phenomenal. For the last 3 1/2 months I have been exclusively standing while working and my leg and hip are doing much better. Thank you unDesk!”

James B.

“At first, I was very skeptical about the value of a sit-stand desk. I’m a runner and I figured that being on my feet all day would just lead to excessive fatigue. But it turned out the exact opposite was true. I found an immediate boost in energy and productivity, particularly in the afternoons when I was accustomed to falling asleep at my desk or just zonking out and losing my focus. Standing up forces you to be awake all day, and the unDESK is an amazing tool for getting the most productivity when you work.”

Kieran M. - Colorado Startup Lawyer

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