Reset Instructions – Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Are you seeing any of the following error codes: RSr, R5T, ER1, ER2, ER7, ER8 or any other error code on your UnDesk digital keypad?

Please follow the instructions below to perform a simple reset, which will fix 99% of issues.

  1. Ensure your desk is plugged into a functioning wall outlet.
  2. Ensure that the black power box (under the desk) does not have any loose connections.
  3. Removed all items from underneath your desk (so they don’t get crushed when the desk lowers to lowest position)
  4. From any position, press and hold the down arrow button on the keypad
  5. Continue holding the down arrow until your desk reaches its lowest position
  6. Stop pressing the button, and pause for 1 second.
  7. Press and hold the down arrow button until ASR or RST is displayed on the screen (Could take up to 30 seconds)
  8. Stop pressing the button, and pause for 1 second.
  9. Press and hold the down arrow button again until the desk lower (to the lowest possible position) and then raises slightly.
  10. Once a height number (inches or CM) is displayed, you can let go of the down button; your desk has been reset.

General Notes:

  • If a height is shown on the display, or if your desk moves when you press the up button, then you know the reset is complete.
  • If your desk uses a standard keypad, please follow the same procedure.

If this reset procedure did not fix the problem, please email us at

Digital handset/controller manual


Please reference the below video for the desk rest procedure and advanced handset features

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